Vibration control stops the resonance caused by the physical contact of the craft to water. Most of our materials designed for marine applications are 100% Class A fireproof material.

Sound barriers place a physical barrier in the path of sound. They are paramount in controlling low frequency energy present in the marine environment.

Thermal issues are difficult to control in the marine environment. Cascade Audio Engineering has led the industry in liquid based thermal control. Effective R-20 values can be reached with very thin amounts of material.

Cascade Audio Engineering also supplies composite materials that can control sound and heat in one application. Look through the products section for more details.

APS Power Supplies offer the marine enthusiast to operate the 12 Volt electronics on board from a 110 Volt generator. APS Power Supplies are recognized worldwide as the leader in efficient, reliable power.

Here is what some of our customers are saying...

"That VBTSM is amazing! Very effective in my boat. My Thunderjet is now the quietest boat I have ever owned. I ended up using 1" long #8 stainless pan head philips sheet metal screws and small washers to screw into the wood panels from inside the engine bay. Just pushing the screw through wraps the foam around the threads and binds up, and your suggested machine screw through-bolting would avoid that. However, I found that using scissors to cut through the mylar, just snipping away with the points down to the vinyl layer and plucking out the resulting 1/2" diameter plug of foam, allows me to screw the panel to the wood quite well. Covering the hole with a spot of aluminum tape works great. No screws visible on the outside, completely flat and smooth on the inside!

I tried several products over the last 8 years and 4 boats, and CAE's VBTSM is the best."

Dr. Ed Allgair,
Bethel, Alaska
2006 Thunderjet Alexis Classic


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