TG-1 ThermaGuard
Thermal Control Compound

ThermaGuard is a thermal insulating coating made up of air filled glass beads held in suspension by a high temp latex acrylic binder. This advanced material yields an R-12 thermal insulation value at 1/8" film thickness.

ThermaGuard is a premixed composite consisting of 80% microscopic air filled glass beads. These precisely manufactured beads are held in suspension by a high-grade latex acrylic emulsion. This combination yields a lightweight, pliable product, which expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied. Two standard coats (15 mil ea.) will yield an R12 equivalent insulation value.

TG-1 is highly water resistant and the materials resistance to water may be improved by applying a layer of clear coat or paint. TG-1 may also be sanded if necessary.

ThermaGuard is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. Using two 15-mil applications of ThermaGuard, one gallon will cover approximately 40 square feet.

ThermaGuard is suitable for just about any insulating application.

PART: TG-1 (1 Gal)
Coverage: 40 ft²
PART: TG- 5 (5 Gal)
Coverage: 200 ft²

Spray Application Tool

The SG-1 spray application tool is a 1 quart, internal mix, siphon feed spray gun designed to deliver high solids vibration damping and thermal control coatings. The SG-1 features an aluminum 1quart cup and 0.5” interior diameter draw tube to ensure maximum material flow. Additional features include delivery rate adjustment, a press forged brass handle and 0.250” nozzle opening. The spray pattern is conical with heavy particle spray. The result is product where you need it with minimal overspray.

Body: Press forged brass and aluminum
Tank: 1 quart capacity
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