V-MAXHD Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty CLD Vibration Damping Material

V-MAXHD is the lightest and thinnest CLD material with the thickest layer of aluminum available on the market today!

V-MAXHD is a lightweight, CLD (Constrained Layer Damper) vibration damping material that is designed to use sheer force to reduce or eliminate vibration. Weight is kept to an absolute minimum while producing the highest performance possible. We have the lightest weight material (.39 lbs. ft²) with the thickest aluminum layer currently available.

V-MAX features a lightweight buytlene layer that is bonded to a 6 mil, silver anodized aluminum sheet. The high quality butylene layer is very thin reduces the overall weight of the product and positions the aluminum layer as close to the vibrating surface as possible.

The butyl, or adhesive layer, is very agressive and the bond will actually improve over time.

V-MAXHD is designed to be installed onto flat or nearly flat panels such as outer body panels (doors, quarters and roof). The material can also be installed onto irregular surfaces however we recommend using our V-MAXAPP installation tool (below) for this purpose.

In most automotive applications, one layer of V-MAXHD is all you will need to properly damp a vibrating substrate.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about the installation or application of V-MAX.

Quantity: 5 pc.
Dimensions: 21.75" x 39.25"
Weight: .39 lbs Ft²
Coverage: 30 ft²

Quantity: 10 pc.
Dimensions: 21.75" x 39.25"
Weight: .39 lbs ft²
Coverage: 60 ft²



V-MAX Application Tool

The V-MAXAPP tool makes installing the V-MAX vibration damping sheet easier than ever. The V-MAXAPP tool is constructed of soft plastic and has been designed to ensure a good bond between the V-MAX material and the vibrating surface. The V-MAXAPP tool is also handy when forming the material onto an irregularly shaped surface or into a hard to reach area. The V-MAXAPP tool will not scratch the black anodized surface of V-MAX vibration damping sheet material.

Color: Black



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