TG-1 ThermaGuard

TG-1 ThermaGuard
Thermal Control Compound

ThermaGuard is a thermal insulating coating made up of air filled glass beads held in suspension by a high temp latex acrylic binder. This advanced material yields an R-12 thermal insulation value at 1/8" film thickness.

ThermaGuard is a premixed composite consisting of 80% microscopic air filled glass beads. These precisely manufactured beads are held in suspension by a high-grade latex acrylic emulsion. This combination yields a lightweight, pliable product, which expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied. Two standard coats (15 mil ea.) will yield an R12 equivalent insulation value.

TG-1 is highly water resistant and the materials resistance to water may be improved by applying a layer of clear coat or paint. TG-1 may also be sanded if necessary.

ThermaGuard is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. Using two 15-mil applications of ThermaGuard, one gallon will cover approximately 40 square feet.

ThermaGuard is suitable for just about any insulating application. Typical automotive applications include treatment of the firewall, floor pan and the underside of the roof. TG-1 has also been used by our customers to coat the outside of air intake pipes to help maintain a cool charge.

PART: TG-1 (1 Gal)
Coverage: 40 ft²
PART: TG- 5 (5 Gal)
Coverage: 200 ft²



TG-1 ThermaGuard applied onto the floor pan over exhaust components underneath.

Air intake tube treated with TG-1 to help keep charge air as cool as possible.


Spray Application Tool

The SG-1 spray application tool is a 1 quart, internal mix, siphon feed spray gun designed to deliver high solids vibration damping and thermal control coatings. The SG-1 features an aluminum 1quart cup and 0.5” interior diameter draw tube to ensure maximum material flow. Additional features include delivery rate adjustment, a press forged brass handle and 0.250” nozzle opening. The spray pattern is conical with heavy particle spray. The result is product where you need it with minimal overspray.

Body: Press forged brass and aluminum
Tank: 1 quart capacity



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