Insulator Thermo-Acoustic Blanket

I-12 "The Insulator"
Thermo-Acoustic Blanket

"The Insulator" is a lightweight, cost effective thermo-acoustic blanket that has been designed to reflect thermal energy as well as absorb mid band and high frequency airborne sound.

This material consists of two thin layers of aluminum mylar that sandwich a dense cotton core.

The I-12 product provides up to 50% greater R-value than other reflective insulation materials and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 302).

PART: I-12
Coverage: 24 ft. sq.
Dimensions: 4’ x 6’
Weight: .22 lbs. per ft. sq.


I-12 applied onto the underside of the roof in a Subaru WRX.

I-12 applied onto the underside of the roof in a Ford Super Duty P/U.

I-12 used to cover surfaces of back wall and quarter panels in Toyota Tacoma P/U.


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