Recently we had one of our dealers, Auto Craft of Scarsdale in New York, contact us in regards to a customers loud ZO6 Corvette. The problem was due to excessive noise created by the aftermarket exhaust system combined with the already elevated, stock noise floor. So I put together a parts list and outlined the installation process for them. The following is what they came up with.

Written By: Chris Cooper
Company: Auto Craft of Scarsdale (NY)
Contact: Phone 914 574-6374

Transforming the interior sound levels of a new Corvette to equate to that of a Bentley was the goal given to us by our client. Like all other requests we get for this type of application we turned to our friends in the tech department of Cascade audio. Since we were dealing solely with a fiberglass surface they recommended we start off with VMAX. To reduce engine and exhaust drone this would be the first step in a three layer process to cut out the noise and extreme temperatures given off by the new fusion exhaust system. After that we laid VB4 down to cut out the remaining noise that VMAX let through. Covering the bed of the trunk completely and not forgetting the floor pan, we brought it all the way up on the b pillars as well as the rear of the trunk sealing the seams with VMAX to further our efforts. Finally it came time to lay the last piece of the puzzle and to our customer the most important. It would be the Insulator 12 along with the VMAX that would significantly cut down the heat given off by the exhaust. Despite Cascades skepticism we were able to apply all of these materials and fit the car back like we were never there.

After returning the car to the customer he was very satisfied with the amount of cancellation of the exhaust drone that was estimated at 2/3 prior to the installation. Not only was it a much quieter ride, he was now able to stow away his belongings in the center console and not worry about any issues with overheating his iPod or things of that nature.

The Crew.

The shop.

Interior before treatment

Interior with VB2HD and VMAX (floor) installed

Cargo area before treatment

Cargo area with VMAX (floor) installed

Interior with VB4 and Insulator 12 installed

Interior complete and reassembled



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