Thermal Control

Use thermal control materials to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable!

Cascade Audio Engineering offers a wide variety of both liquid and sheet based thermal control products. The sheet based materials are also capable of absorbing airborne sound.

From our economical and lightweight "Insulator" blanket to the industry leading "Thermaguard", Cascade Audio Engineering continues to lead the industry in performance and price.

Typical automotive applications include treatment of the firewall, floor pan and the underside of the roof. Some customers have also coated the exterior of air intake pipes to help maintain cooler air temperatures.

TG-1 ThermaGuard

TG-1 ThermaGuard
Thermal Control Compound

ThermaGuard is a thermal insulating coating made up of air filled glass beads held in suspension by a high temp latex acrylic binder. This easy to install material yields R-12 insulating capabilities.


Insulator Thermo-Acoustic Blanket

I-12 "The Insulator"
Thermo-Acoustic Blanket

The Insulator Thermo-Acoustic Blanket will guard against the intrusion of heat, sound, vibration and airflow. The insulator consists of an all natural cotton fiber layer with surface layers of foil and offers R-6 insulating capabilities.


Thermo-Acoustic Underhood Liner

VB-TS is an adhesive backed, low profile combination thermal barrier and acoustic absorber. It reflects thermal energy and absorbs upper mid-band and high frequency mechanical noise.


Thermo-Acoustic Engine / Generator Box Liner

VB-TSM is the perfect product for severe noise control problems. It is especially effective for RV and marine engine compartments and generator housings. VB-TSM is a unique, high performance composite material incorporating two layers of acoustical foam, a loaded vinyl barrier and an aluminized mylar thermally reflective skin.


Spray Application Tool

The SG-1 spray application tool is a 1 quart, internal mix, siphon feed spray gun designed to deliver high solids vibration damping and thermal control coatings. The SG-1 features an aluminum 1quart cup and 0.5” interior diameter draw tube to ensure maximum material flow.



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