VBLOK Automotive Noise Control Products

We offer a wide variety of lightweight, high performance noise control products for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.

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VBLOK Car Audio Enhancement Products

Our selection of high performance sound control materials will ensure that you achieve total sonic nirvana!


Home Theater Sound Control Products & Engineering

Let us help you to design a sound control system for your home theater project. We've got all the materials you need and the technical support too!

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Commercial Noise Control Products & Engineering

Whether you're building one or one hundred floors, we've got the products to meet code and make your life easier! Everything from insulation to barrier materials to duct silencers.

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Marine Noise Control Products

The marine environment can be the most demanding in terms of noise control solutions. We offer vibration dampers, barriers and waterproof absorbers to ensure noise-free sailing.

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12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt Power Supplies & Accessories

CAE offers 110v and 220v power supplies designed in a wide variety of configurations. We've got the accessories to maximize their performance too!

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