Whether it's a busy street nearby, or a loud home theater room, noise control is vital to our standard of living.

Controlling unwanted noise penetration used to be out of reach to the consumer, but not anymore. Cascade Audio Engineering specializes in providing high performance isolation materials without the typical extreme cost. We implement time tested materials with state of the art research and development in actual usage situations. Our highly trained staff can go over the project with you to assure proper selection of materials.

SOUND BLOK products are designed to be installed in the wall, on the floor or in the ceiling. These materials are engineered to block sound across a wide frequency range and include dense barrier materials, sealants, isolation clips, acoustical windows, acoustical doors and speaker and lighting back boxes.

SOUND SHAPE products are designed to be installed on the wall or ceiling to absorb reflected sound and reduce reverberation time within a space.

Barrier materials block airborne sound energy.

Dense, vinyl barrier products are designed to block and reflect sound energy and prevent it from migrating through a wall, ceiling or floor.

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Absorbing materials soak up sound within a space to reduce echo.

Various types of materials such as cotton, fiberglass and foam are used to absorb sound energy that reverberates within a space creating annoying echo.

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Sound absorbing drapery improves sound quality in any space.

Restaurants, hotels and churches require quiet, comfortable spaces. Our SS-AD acoustical drapery products are designed to prevent the use of acoustical panels.

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Back boxes block sound energy and maintain required fire ratings.

Back boxes are used to prevent sound energy from migrating throughout wall and ceiling cavities.

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