Barrier materials are used to block sound and prevent it from transmitting through a surface such as a wall, floor or ceiling.

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier
SB-1B-20R or 30R

Mass loaded vinyl is the easiest, lowest cost way to control sound transmission from room to room or outside to inside. Vinyl barrier is easy to install. Just attach it to the studs, and apply drywall over it.

Vinyl Sound Barrier

Decoupled Wall Barrier

Decoupled wall barrier is primarily designed for retrofit applications. Expanding on the one pound per square foot mass loaded vinyl, Decoupled barrier has 1/4” of acoustic foam bonded to the vinyl.

Decoupled barrier

Poly Acoustic Panels

The Poly Acoustic panel is in a class by itself. It is the one product that offers NRC and STC, without the need for composite construction. Comprised of recycled, compressed beads, the Poly Acoustic panel is extremely durable and can be pressure washed. It is ideal for installations that require high impact ratings.

Acoustic Poly Panel

Thermo-Acoustic Absorber / Barrier

VB-TSM is a unique, high performance composite material incorporating two layers of acoustical foam, a loaded vinyl barrier and an aluminized mylar thermally reflective skin. A ¼” foam isolation layer decouples the barrier while the 1” thick acoustical foam layer absorbs airborne sound.


Green Glue Damping Adhesive

Green Glue is a high performance sound damping adhesive designed to be used in between multiple layers of sheetrock. SB-GG maintains a different density (softer) than the sheetrock which increases the STC of the wall by an additional 10 points. Green Glue also helps to prevent vibration energy from transmitting from the primary layer of sheetrock to the secondary layer.

Green Glue

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