Decoupled Wall Barrier

SB-DWB decoupled wall barrier is primarily designed for retrofit applications where increased sound isolation is required between two spaces.

Expanding on the one pound per square foot mass loaded vinyl, SB-DWB has 1/4” of acoustic foam bonded to a dense, 1lb ft² vinyl sheet. The foam layer does not absorb sound, rather it acts as an airspring to "float" the dense layer of vinyl off of the existing layer of sheetrock.

Installation requires the SB-DWB product is bonded (foam side) to an existing layer of sheetrock. Using decoupled wall barrier gives the wall system the needed air space to decouple the barrier from the wall system. Decoupled wall barrier has a STC of 27.

Some application include office spaces, home theaters, laundry rooms and bedrooms.

Roll Dimensions: 54" W x 20' L
Thickness: 0.250"
Weight: 1lb ft²
Flammability: UL940VO

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