A quiet environment is golden, before the initial investment of time and money into the noise control system. CAE recommends using the PAA3 sound level meter to do an acoustical analysis prior to purchasing noise control materials.




Phonic PAA3 Specifications

• Microphone: Built-in miniature omni direction condenser microphone
• Line: XLR jacks for line input and output
• Data Port:USB 1.1 interface

Measurement Range
• SPL (Microphone input): 30 to 130 dB SPL
• dBu (Line input): -50 to +40 dBu
• dBV (Line Input): -52 to +38 dBV
• Voltage (Line Input): 5 mV to 80 V

• Weighting: A, C or Flat
• Peak hold: ON/OFF
• Maximum Level Display: RESET
• Response Time: 35 ms, 125 ms, 250 ms, 1 sec

Other Functions
• RT60: Reverberation time display, up to 30 seconds
• Memory: 10 RTA+ 6 average calculation
• Average Calculation: For 10 RTA memories
• EQ Setting Value Display: 31-band
• Phase Checker: Through polarity signal
• Transmission: Simultaneous operation with PC or laptop through USB port

Noise Generator (Based on 6VDC power source)
• Pink noise: Balanced output, -10 dBu
• 1K Hz Signal: Balanced output, -10 dBu
• Polarity Signal: Balanced output, -10 dBu

Dimensions (H x W x D)
• 5.7 x 3.26 x 1.55 inches (5.7144.95 x 82.95 x 39.42 mm)
• Weight (with batteries) 0.78 lbs. (354 g)

Phonic PAA3 Features:

• Palm-sized, lightweight audio analyzer for all sound engineers
• 31-band spectrum analyzer, RT60, SPL meter, and more
• Easy operation with built-in microphone and generator
• EQ setting calculation offers advice for boosting and cutting at the touch of a button
• USB interface allows real-time computer operation
• Seven hours of continuous operation with four AA batteries
• 31-band Real Time Spectrum Analyzer allows Db analysis of offending frequencies
• 31-band EQ setting value display (Boost/Cut)
• RT60 measurement
• Built-in calibrated measurement microphone
• Phase checker
• Noise generator with pink noise, 1kHz and polarity test signal, balanced output
• Memory and average calculation function
• SPL meter calibration through sound level calibrator
• Sound Pressure Level Meter from 30 dB~130 dB
• Line signal measurement display in dBu, dBV, or Volts (AC)
• SPL meter and level meter have three level range selections
• Maximum level, Peak hold displays
• XLR input and output sockets
• USB interface for desktop software control
• Audio test signal CD and supporting software
• Three power modes: (1) Power Save (2) On (3) Off
• Operates seven hours with four AA batteries
• AC power adapter included

Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.26 x 1.55 inches

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