Green Glue Damping Adhesive

Green Glue is a high performance sound damping adhesive designed to be used in between multiple layers of sheetrock. SB-GG maintains a different density (softer) than the sheetrock which increases the STC of the wall by an additional 10 points. Green Glue also helps to prevent vibration energy from transmitting from the primary layer of sheetrock to the secondary layer.

Installation of SB-GG is very simple. Two tubes of SB-GG are required per 32 ft² of sheetrock. Start by applying a uniform bead of the damping adhesive onto the sheetrock surface to be installed making sure to cover the surface evenly. Follow up by using a 1/8", v-notch trowel to spread the material out to obtain full coverage and uniform film thickness. Once the SB-GG product has been applied, install the secondary sheetrock layer with standard drywall screws. Keep in mind that longer screws will have to be used to penetrate the existing / base layer of sheetrock and into the studs or ceiling joist.

Applications include:
Commercial Office Spaces / Conference Rooms
Recording Studios
Home Theaters
Damped Interlayer Speaker Enclosures

Size: 29 oz tube (12 per case)
Coverage: Approx. 16 sq ft per tube at full coverage




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