VB-2HD Car Damper

.075" Vinyl Vibration Damping Sheet

VB-2HD is a thick, lightweight and extremely moldable vinyl based vibration damping sheet material. VB-2HD is designed to mold and conform to highly irregular surfaces to achieve 100% bond and maximum damping performance. VB-2HD will stretch up to 70% to make an irregular surface appear as if it has been dipped in plastic.

VB-2HD consists of a silica-mica and ceramic load suspended in a lightweight vinyl carrier. The VB-2HD product has been engineered to convert structural resonance (vibration) into low level heat through friction. The friction occurs as the silica-mica and ceramic platelets come in contact with each other as the substrate vibrates.

One layer of VB-2HD damps 25% better than two layers of VB-2. Why? Two layers of VB-2 will have an adhesive layer sandwiched in between the two. One single, thick layer of VB-2HD eliminates this adhesive inter-layer which increases damping performance, reduces added weight, saves money and greatly reduces installation time.

The adhesive layer is an agressive, modified arcylic that bonds extrememly well to wood, metal and fiberglass substrates and is stable to 250° F.

VB-2HD is ideally suited to create or replace a vapor barrier behind an interior door panel and because of its extreme moldability, is the perfect product to treat the underside of trunk lids. VB-2HD is much more dense than flimsy plastic making it much more capable of blocking airborne sound that normally enters the vehicle via the doors. VB-2HD also blocks speaker backwave and prevents an acoustical short circuit.

Unlike any other product available on the market, VB-2HD may be painted to achieve the ultimate in cosmetic integration.

For larger projects, consider purchasing VB-2HD in a three piece shop pack (VB-2HDSP).

Dimensions: 37" x 54" / 14ft²
Weight: .43lbs ft²

Dimensions: (3) 37" x 54" / 42ft²



Toyota Tundra passenger door treated with VB-2HD.

Honda CRV left rear door treated with VB-2HD.
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