CURVE Acoustic Panel System

The CURVE system of diffusors, absorbers and corner traps simplifies the creation of natural sounding, professionally accurate acoustic spaces.



The CURVE System - simple, accurate, affordable acoustics.
After a century of acoustical research, it's widely agreed that room with the right balance of diffusion and absorption are far more natural sounding and source accurate than rooms without proper diffusion or with too much absorption. The CURVE System was created as a simple, accurate and affordable way to achieve natural sounding acoustics.

The core of the CURVE system is the innovative diffusor, an improved version of the classic polycylindrical designs used in recording, broadcast and film studios since the 1930's. These have been proven to minimize flat surface refelction problems by broadly and evenly scattering sound energy. The CURVE diffusor also acts as a diaphragmatic mid bass absorber and includes a built-in mass loaded vinyl (MLV) membrane low frequency trap. It solves the two biggest acoustical issues which are diffusing mid to high frequencies and controlling low frequencies.

Three stock diffusor widths integrate perfectly with two matching models, the CURVE Absorber (mid to high frequency absorption) and the CURVE Corner Trap (an CURVE Diffusor with an additional corner bass trap). The right combination and placement of the CURVE System components will optimize your acoustic spaces and because of their coherent design, all CURVE models look great together.

See our CURVE Combinations Guide for the best way to set up your room, or contact an CURVE System specialist at Cascade Audio Engineering.

Why the CURVE Diffusor is better:
• Affordable and easy to install.
• Does not exhibit phase-grating (quadratic residue) diffusor artifacts - no phase or frequency distortion, no high frequency limitations, no internal edge diffraction.
• Includes a limp-mass MLV membrane bass trap to control low-bass room modes
• Acts as a diaphragmatic absorber in the mid-bass band.
• Professionally attractive, with many fabric, color and finish options.
• 42" length allows for vertical stacking and alternating vertical / horizontal orientation on walls and ceilings; alternating different avoids comb filtering artifacts.

Why the CURVE System is better:
• The Diffusor reduces narrow reflections and frequency dependent modes; eliminates parallel surface flutter echos; includes MLV membrane bass trap.
• The Absorber evenly absorbs frequencies from 200 - 20kHz.
• The Corner Trap reduces low frequency corner room modes.
• Diffusor and Corner Trap act as diaphragmatic low to mid frequency absorbers.
• No fiberglass or foam; uses safe, "Green" absorbent lining (recycled cotton).
• Mounting cleats and hardware included for easy installation.

The CURVE System (all 42" long; custom lengths available):
Diffusors: (all with MLV membrane - absorbs 40-200Hz / diffuses 200-20kHz)
• Large: 30" W x 10" D
• Medium: 21" W x 7" D
• Small: 13.5" W x 5" D

Absorber: 21" W x 4.5" D (absorbs 200-20kHz)

Corner Trap: 21" W x 18" D (Medium diffusor with corner trap - absorbs 40 - 300Hz / diffuses 200 - 20kHz)

STOCK COLORS: Black, Silver-Grey, Tan, Red and Blue. Custom Colors, fabrics and wood veneer finished also available

INSTALLATION: Includes two vertical mounting cleats, two horizontal mounting cleats and hardware.

OPTIONS: Floor stand legs (One pair per CURVE component and includes attachment hardware).

- Home Theater
- Commercial and Home Recording Studios
- Houses of Worship
- Meeting, Conference and Board Rooms
- Classrooms and Gymnasiums
- Concert Halls
- Nightclubs and Restaurants




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