Natural cotton fiber insulation consists almost entirely of natural denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. The denim and cotton are also 100% post-industrial, which assures that the fibers are free of any contaminants. Cotton Insulation requires a minimal amount of energy to manufacture, aiding the environment with energy conservation and reduction in pollution.

Fiberglass manufacturing consumes considerably more energy and creates more pollution, while not breaking down or decomposing in landfills. Cotton Insulation contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to the carcinogenic warnings that fiberglass is required by law to display.

Riser and stage assemblies in constructed in home theaters can be used as low frequency or "bass traps". By perforating and loading these cavities with SB-CT, low frequency soundwaves can be easily absorbed and are unable to become destructive to the sound quality within the theater.


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