Diffusor / Barrier / Absorber Panel

The SS-DBA panel is a lightweight sound diffusor, barrier and absorber panel designed to be used in home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios.

The panel is made of an expanded poly propylene material that is engineered to absorb a sound wave and disperse it internally within the panel.

The grooves machined into the face of the panel allow for the fragmentation and dispersion of sound energy.

The SS-DBA panel is a dense product meaning it has the ability to block sound energy. The 1" thick material offers an STC rating of 9 and the 2" offer a rating of 13.

It is most likely the only product of it type capable of achieving all three functions in one panel.

Dimensions: 2' x 2'
Thickness: 1" & 2"
Coverage: 4 ft²
Color: Charcoal & White

SS-DBA panels installed on front wall of studio editing room.

A close up look at the SS-DBA panels.


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