FABTRAX Fabric Track System

The FabTrax track system is designed to allow you to design and install a stretched fabric sound absorption panel system to fit your application exactly.

A home theater featuring FabTrax fabric stretched walls.

The FabTrax product is available in three different edge profiles; radius, beveled and square.

The rails measure 8.5' in length and are available in two heights 9/16" and 1-1/16".

Once the perimeter of the absorption panel has been configured and installed, SS-AC cotton panels are used as the material which will be responsible for absorbing sound within the space. For home theaters, we recommend no less than SS-AC-3224 on the walls as this material has the best absorption performance across a wide frequency range. The SS-AC cotton panels may be mounted with either screws, velcro or SB-WEBAD spray adhesive.

The FabTrax fabric stretched walls were installed by the home owner, a DIY'er and not a professional.

Panel Fabrics

The fabrics you may use are not limited to what we offer. If you are planning on using your own fabric for a project, make sure that it is listed as a panel fabric.

Woven Tweed Metallic Mesh Faux Suede
fabric tweed fabric mesh fabric suede
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