Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels

Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels offer high performance and ability to match any decor.

Fiberglass panels are custom made per your specifications. The panels are cut from either 1" or 2" thick stock and feature a radius, beveled or square edge detail. The edges are then resin hardened to ensure a durable, long lasting profile.

The fabric wrapped panels may be mounted in a number of ways. We offer impaling clips, Roto Fast panel clips, z-clips and adhesive. Other mounting options may be available based on your specific needs.


Fiberglass sound absorption panels installed over doorway. Photo courtesy of Genesis Home Technologies, Beaverton, Oregon.

Fiberglass ceiling tiles installed onto the ceiling in a home theater.

Fiberglass panels installed onto a wall in a home theater.

Classroom treated with custom fabric wrapped fiberglass panels.

Classroom treated with fabric wrapped fiberglass panels.

Office treated with fabric wrapped fiberglass panels.

Panel Fabrics

The fabrics you may use are not limited to what we offer. If you are planning on using your own fabric for a project, make sure that it is listed as a panel fabric.

We also offer Guilford of Maine fabrics. Click here to view the complete line of fabrics offered by Guilford of Maine.

Woven Tweed Metallic Mesh Faux Suede
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Mounting Options

Impaling Clip
RotoFast Panel Mounting System


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