Fiberglass Ceiling Tile

Fiberglass ceiling tiles are designed to be installed into drop ceiling grid systems. These products offer better sound absorption characteristics than standard ceiling tiles.

The SB-CT products are available with a white nubby or black, perforated vinyl finish.


To prevent the migration of sound energy beyond the ceiling tiles and into the space above, consider installing a layer of SB-1B-20R vinyl sound barrier on top of the fiberglass ceiling tiles.

Other fiberglass ceiling tiles that have a barrier backing to not block sound that passes through the space or gaps between the tiles. By laying a continuous barrier on top of the tile, these gaps are covered and the noise is effectively blocked.

Dimensions: 2' x 2' / 2' x 4'
Thickness: 1" / 2"
Finish: White nubby or black, perforated vinyl

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Black, 1" x 2' x 2' ceiling tile.


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