Sound absorption panel kit for home theaters and music rooms

Finally, achieving top notch sound quality in your home theater or listening room is easier than you thought!

The SS-KIT features our 1" and 2" fabric wrapped fiberglass panels and is designed for universal fitment into most home theaters and music rooms. The SS-KIT consists of easy to install, 2" thick, beveled edge fiberglass panels that offer great sound absorption performance.

The SS-KIT is ideally suited for rooms ranging from 220ft² to 320ft² in size.

Here is what the kit comes with...
(16) 1' x 5' x 2" side and back wall, beveled edge panels
(2) 4' x 1' x 2" front wall, beveled edge panels
(4) 2' x 4' x 2" triangular corner trap, back beveled panels

A panel expansion pack is also available for larger rooms at an additional cost. The expansion pack consists of (4) 2' x 4' x 2" panels.

The fiberglass panels are then wrapped with your color choice of panel fabric that looks fantastic in any space.

Here are your fabric color choices...

There are also a variety of ways to install the front, side and back wall panels. The standard method of installation is with the use of an impaling clip, however you may choose to upgrade to the RotoFast clip for additional easy of installation and removal.

SS-KIT back wall panels installed.

SS-KIT side wall panels installed. (Note: In this application, the customer chose to use the smaller 1' x 4' x 2" panels on the sides rather than above and below the video screen due to a lack of space available.)

SS-KIT triangular corner trap installed.



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