SB-IsoTile Max

IsoTile Max is the ultimate in subfloor soundproofing!

IsoTile Max has been engineered to block high energy sound waves that normally pass through the floor into an adjacent space below. The material also prevents sound energy from being transmitted into the supporting structure (i.e. concrete or wood) and then migrating into a stem wall or standard wall construction. IsoTile Max is also designed to eliminate heel impact noise and meets code requirements for MDU construction.

SB-IsoTile Max is a green product made of recycled tires. The material is constructed of rubber pellets of varying density. To further enhance the soundblocking characteristics, SB-IsoTile Max features air grooves carved into the bottom of the material. The grooves also decrease the amount of surface area in contact with the supporting structure.

SB-IsoTile Max may be installed in new or retrofit construction projects and is perfect for use under all types of flooring surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile and carpet.

IIC Rating: 64
STC: 70
Dimensions: 48" W x 72"' L
Coverage: 24ft²
Thickness: 0.500"
Weight: 2.71lbs ft²
Flammability: ASTM E-48 Radiant Panel Class 1
Warranty: 25 Year

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