Acoustic Alloy

Sound Shape Alloy is an all metal sound absorbing panel without any fibers. It is intended for use as home theater treatments interior linings of engine enclosures, and hoods in trucks, buses, tractors, construction equipment, compressors, generator housings and boats.

Sound Shape Alloy is a self supporting metal sheet, micro perforated to give the optimum airflow resistance for absorbing sound. Sound Shape Alloy is usually installed with a small airspace between the absorber panel and the back wall of the room / enclosure. The low frequency performance can be optimized by varying the size of the airspace.

As the Sound Shape Alloy has an optimized airflow resistance there is no need to vary the thickness as with flexible foam or fiberglass absorbers to achieve a high level of low frequency absorption.

Sound Shape Alloy panels can be supplied with pre-painted finishes or in aluminium or stainless steel.

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