Poly Acoustic Panel

The SS-PA Poly Acoustic Panel is in a class by itself. It is the one product that offers NRC and STC, without the need for composite construction.

The SS-PA Poly Acoustic panel has been engineered to absorb sound waves and diffuse them laterally throughout the interior of the panel. The many various pathways create very long pathlengths within the panel. As the sound waves migrate through the interior of the panel, they will ultimately reach a dead end. The sound energy is dissipated as it migrates through the internal pathways.

The density of the SS-PA product also gives it the ability to block sound. The SS-PA-124 material offers an STC rating of 9 and the SS-PA-224 material offers an STC rating of 13.

Comprised of compressed beads, the Poly Acoustic panel is extremely durable, UV resistant and can be pressure washed for easy cleaning. SS-PA is also mold and mildew resistant.

Installation applications include use within high moisture environments such as pools. The SS-PA panels are ideal for installations that require high impact ratings.

Dimensions: 2' x 4'
Thickness: 1" / 2"
Weight: SS-PA-124 = 2.5 lbs / SS-PA-224 = 5 lbs
Colors: Charcoal & White

The ceiling in this home theater has been treated with 1" SS-PA panels. The fiberoptic lighting system is not included with the SS-PA product.


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