Resilient Channel Isolation Clip

Resilient channel isolation clips offer maximum attenutation of sound and vibration across a wide band of frequencies. The RSIC-1 product works by isolation the wall or ceiling plate from its supporting structure. An air space is created in between the sheetrock layer and vinyl barrier that is bonded directly to the studs or joist.

The RSIC-1 clip also features a rubber isolation component that prevents the metal clip from making contact with the supporting structure. This isolates the wall plate from the supporting structure and prevents vibration energy from reaching the supporting structure. It also allows the wall or ceiling plate to "give" a little which is ideal in a home theater environment.

Flammability: UL Rated / 139 Resistive Design Assemblies
STC: Up to 70+

Click here to View RSIC-1 Usage Calculator (Excel File)



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