Rubber Isolation Tape

SB-ISOTAPE is designed to help you build quieter wall and flooring systems with the ease of a peel and stick tape.

This durable recycled rubber tape is designed to be installed directly onto a wood or steel stud prior to the installation of the drywall sheet. The SB-ISOTAPE will prevent sound energy from being transferred into the studs and can also create a slight airgap between a layer of sheetrock and a vinyl barrier.

SB-ISOTAPE is perfect for noisy neighbors (common walls) and many other home and commercial applications.

Deflection: Pressure PSF Average Deflection
100 lbs. .027
200 lbs. .046
500 lbs. .090
1000 lbs. .131
2000 lbs. .174
4000 lbs. .221

Dimensions: 0.312" x 1.5" x 24'
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