Liquid Vibration Damping Compound

VB-1X is a water based, sprayable vibration damping compound that has been engineered to damp vibration by converting it into low level heat. How does it do this? VB-1X is loaded with silica-mica and ceramic components that creates friction when vibration occurs.

One benefit of using this product is that it allows you to cover large surface areas very quickly when using the SG-1 spray gun. When the product is wet, it is purple and as it cures it will change to black.

VB-1X is also frequently used to improve the performance of speaker enclosures of all types. In wood enclosures, the VB-1X will soak into the wood and seal up the pores, seams and gaps between the panels. VB-1X will also damp fiberglass and plastic enclosures extremely well. The VB-1X, when cured, creates an impedance mismatch that results in an increase in overall output by 1 to 1.5 db.

No special tools are required to install VB-1X, however the SG-1 spray gun will save a massive amount of install time. VB-1X may also be applied with a paint brush or roller. VB-1X cleans up easily with warm water.

VB-1X is water resistant, not water proof. If you want to use it on exterior surfaces we strongly recommend top coating it with VB-1SPRO.

Coverage: 30 ft²

Coverage: 150 ft²


VB-1X applied onto the inside of a subwoofer enclosure.

Spray Application Tool

The SG-1 spray application tool is a 1 quart, internal mix, siphon feed spray gun designed to deliver high solids vibration damping and thermal control coatings. The SG-1 features an aluminum 1quart cup and 0.5” interior diameter draw tube to ensure maximum material flow. Additional features include delivery rate adjustment, a press forged brass handle and 0.250” nozzle opening. The spray pattern is conical with heavy particle spray. The result is product where you need it with minimal overspray.

The SG-1 spray gun cleans up easily with warm water.

Body: Press forged brass and aluminum
Tank: 1 quart capacity

Using the SG-1 to apply VB-1X onto the inside surfaces of a subwoofer enclosure.

NOTE: Notice that the back wall of the enclosure is not attached to the enclosure. This makes it easier to apply the VB-1X an cover all surfaces thoroughly. The back wall will be sprayed through the speaker opening after it has been attached.


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